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Gardening is a great solution to bring fresh produce and breathtaking flowers into one’s life, but it can be challenging if you are now living in little spaces or cities. This is where the Garden Tower Project will come in. The Garden Tower is just a revolutionary straight garden system that allows anyone to develop to 50 flowers in a little area. In this article, we are going to explore the countless great things about running a Garden Tower and exactly how it could change the way you think about farming. tower garden price

The Garden Tower Project was founded in 2012 because of the objective of making farming available to everyone, irrespective of their living situation. The Garden Tower is really a patented system that combines composting and vertical farming to create a nutrient-rich soil that can support a wide variety of plants. The tower has a unique design that allows it to turn, ensuring that all of the flowers receive equal sunshine and therefore are accessible for watering and harvesting. One of the greatest benefits of owning a Garden Tower may be the potential to develop fresh produce at home. Driven by the increasing cost of natural produce and issues about produce safety, increasing numbers of people are turning to home gardening to make certain they’ve available healthier, affordable meals. The Garden Tower lets you develop your own personal fruits, vegetables, and herbs right on your balcony or patio, which makes it easy to incorporate fresh produce into your diet.

tower garden price

tower garden price

In addition to providing fresh food, farming has been confirmed to possess numerous health benefits. Gardening is a low-impact exercise which will help reduce stress, improve psychological state, while increasing overall physical working out. The Garden Tower makes farming accessible to those that may have flexibility dilemmas or who’re not able to do conventional gardening as a result of room limits.

The Garden Tower also has environmental benefits. Growing your food decreases the need for transport and packaging, which could have significant impact on carbon emissions. Furthermore, the Garden Tower makes use of composting to produce nutrient-rich soil, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers that can harm the environment.

An additional benefit of owning a Garden Tower could be the academic aspect. The Garden Tower is an excellent solution to teach children concerning the significance of healthier eating and where their meals arises from. It can also be found in schools and community gardens to show sustainable farming methods.

tower garden price

tower garden price

The Garden Tower is easy to set up and keep, rendering it ideal for both experienced and novice gardeners. The tower can be used year-round with the help of a grow light, to be able to develop fresh produce even yet in the center of cold temperatures. If you are thinking about owning a Garden Tower, the Garden Tower Project site may be the place to start. The website offers a selection of resources, including videos, articles, and a residential area forum, to help you get started along with your vertical gardening journey. The Garden Tower Project offers a number of add-ons and replacement parts to help you get the most out of your tower. Besides the advantages of having a Garden Tower, buying one through the affiliate link offered in this essay will help offer the Garden Tower venture and their mission to create farming accessible to everybody. By supporting the Garden Tower venture, you’re not only helping your self but additionally assisting others who might not have access to fresh meals or the resources to start their very own gardens.

In conclusion, the Garden Tower Project is a game-changer for many who want to bring fresh produce and beautiful flowers in their everyday lives but may not have the space or resources to do this. Using its unique design, nutrient-rich soil, and ease of use, the Garden Tower is an excellent way to grow fresh meals, enhance your wellness, and support sustainable farming methods. So why not give it a try to see how the Garden Tower can change the manner in which you think about farming? Visit the Garden Tower Project site today to learn more.

Juice Plus Tower Garden Review

Whether you’re skilled at growing your own veggies or have never attempted your hand at gardening at all, the Juice Plus Tower Garden growing system is a really fun and easy way to start. The magic of this item is that it permits individuals to grow their own vegetables in any season even if they have no outside area for a garden, and have no previous experience growing veggies or gardening in general. In this review, we’ll explain why a tower garden is a great way to begin growing plants at home and why you should not be intimidated even if you have no concept how hydroponics work. We will cover how tough it was and the time it required to assemble our Juice Plus Tower Garden, what type of plants individuals can grow using a vertical tower garden growing system, and a lot more..

tower garden price

What is the Juice Plus Tower Garden?

The Juice Plus Tower Garden is a terrific item that enables individuals to easily grow up to 20 plants with vertical gardening. You can use your tower garden in any season both indoors and outdoors. For instance, for individuals who live in colder climates, they could have a beautiful tower garden growing fresh herbs, fruits, veggies and even flowers outside throughout the summer and after that move it inside and utilize the provided grow lights during the winter..
Standing about 5 feet tall with the led grow lights attached onto the top, the Juice Plus Tower Garden is a basic at-home hydroponic system that’s quite simple to set up, operates automatically, and is in fact incredibly simple to comprehend – even for the amateur gardener.

The base of the tower is similar to a big plastic storage tote and acts as the water tank. In hydroponics or aeroponics, the water reservoir is where a solution of fertilizer and water is stored and then occasionally pumped over top of the exposed roots of plants. The plants remain in a growing medium besides soil such as rockwool. The base of the Juice Plus Tower Garden is circular and about 3 and a half feet in diameter and 2 feet high.

Attached above the reservoir is an appealing white vertical tower with 16 little holes spaced apart that will be the house to whatever veggies, fruits or other plants you may want to grow!

Putting Together Juice Plus Grow Tower Garden.

Putting Together the Juice Plus Tower Garden was a relatively simple procedure that required no power tools and no mechancical knowledge. The entire procedure actually just included hooking a tube up to a pump, positioning the pump in the Juice Plus tower garden tank, and clipping together stackable tower garden pieces where the real plants will grow. If you are using the optional tower garden grow lights, they only need a few extra minutes to assembly and add on to your grow tower. Each light clips simply into the light-base, which in turn clips quickly on top of the tower garden.

What are the advantages of a vertical hydroponic garden?

It’s a Fun Hobby: A vertical hydroponics garden, grow tower or tower garden has numerous benefits. Whatever the particular reason you have an interest in a vertical hydroponic tower garden you are sure to find a good deal of enjoyment knowing and experimenting with growing your own veggies. It is a satisfying process to grow your own food that you will discover incredibly satisfying even if you aren’t much of a gardener or a chef.

Sustainable Food Source: With the population of our planet ever increasing and the need for sustainable food sources becoming increasingly more apparent, a Juice Plus Tower Garden allows everyone an accessible method of contributing towards a solution for future generations. The more we can all accept and embrace the idea of growing our own food, even in dense city environments, the more we move towards a much better future.

Gain Access To Nutritious Options And Can Reduce Food Waste: Furthermore, in some cases merely having access to nutritious food options like fresh fruits and vegetables can be an obstacle. Even when we do have access to these options at the supermarket, it is all too common for the fruits and vegetables we purchase to go to waste. This normally will not occur with the vegetables and fruits we GROW ourselves in a tower garden. When you see your vertical hydroponic garden prospering day-to-day it is a visual reminder and motivator to eat those tasty foods you have actually been taking care of in your grow tower so carefully for so long.

Encourages Kids To Make Healthy Food Choices: Children enjoy to be included and assist their parents with whatever they can can, whenever they can. The Juice Plus Tower Garden produces a perfect household project. From set-up to harvest, a grow tower from Juice Plus makes vertical hydroponic gardening an extremely household friendly activity. When kids can get involved and discover how to grow and pick their own fruits and veggies it teaches them essential life skills and truly provides a distinct point of view. Picture if children took a moment to consider where the food on their plate originated from.

What Kinds of Fruits and Vegetables Can Be Grown In a Tower Garden?

By now you are likely wondering, what sort of fruits and vegetable can I grow in a grow tower? One thing that makes vertical hydroponic growing truly versatile is the simple reality that you can grow anything that isn’t a root vegetable. Simply put, as long as it grows above ground, it can grow in your Juice Plus Tower Garden. Of course there are limitations to this declaration. Due to its size and the intensity of the lights, one couldn’t grow an apple tree in a vertical garden! So as long as you have visions of leafy greens, berries, tomatoes and so forth versus a whole apple tree, you’ll be very pleased with what simply just how much you can grow at home in a vertical garden.

tower garden price

Is a Vertical Grow Tower Difficult To Utilize?

One thing that must be made clear is vertical hydroponic gardening is simple. It may appear frightening in the beginning, but the process is unbelievably simple. You are just a couple of actions before gathering and enjoying your own homegrown herbs, vegetables and fruits. As soon as your new Juice Plus Tower Garden is set up, the process is generally as follows:.

Fill the tank with water.
Add Juice Plus Tower Garden nutrients according to directions– one part A, one part B.
Germinate seeds or buy seedlings for tower garden.
place seedlings into grow medium – the juice plus tower garden features rockwool.
location rockwool cubes into consisted of pots.
insert into tower garden holes.

After about 55 days depending on what you’re growing, you’re ready to harvest.


If you’re looking for a great way to begin growing your own fruits and vegetables in your home, no matter where you live, a Juice Plus tower garden is an exceptional way to start in vertical hydroponic gardening.

The Juice Plus Tower garden is easy to put together and can be done by anybody with no support. Juice Plus makes growing vegetables and fruits with vertical hydroponics in a grow tower as easy as planting a seed– and you do not even have to remember to water it! The entire procedure is so automatic that aside from the assembly and measuring the nutrients– a child might do it. A wide array of herbs, fruits and vegetables can be grown in the Juice Plus tower garden. You can grow strawberries just as easily as you can grow kale or cucumbers in your vertical garden. Having a vertical hydroponic grow tower will motivate you and your household to consume healthier while offering you access to an abundance of healthy choices you might not find at your supermarket. So even if you are not a garden enthusiast and have no experience gardening, you can change your life possibly the lives of future generations if you buy a Juice Plus Tower Garden today. tower garden price

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